Best of British – Great Big Blog Swap!

As part of Helen’s Great Big Blog Swap, I am over here at Vanisha’s blog talking about A Perfect Day In… Maine, as part of an ongoing series! And without further ado, here is Jess of Just Jesss talking about Best of British!


Britain has been getting a little bit patriotic lately, what with the Queen celebrating 60 years on the throne during her Diamond Jubilee, not to mention hosting this year’s Olympic Games in London!

There are plenty of other amazing things about Britain though; our fashion, heritage, music, and cuisine, to name just a few!

One of Britain’s most iconic high street stores is TopShop, offering the latest in fashion as well as a much-loved line of make-up. The clothing ranges from the weird to the wonderful and back again, you’ll never fail to find something interesting in TopShop. Meanwhile, the make-up range is great value and comes in cute, instantly recognisable packaging.







Growing up in the English countryside has given me a love of the Lake District, a popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Home to the highest mountain in England, Cumbria has breathtaking scenery and a wealth of heritage, from Beatrix Potter to Kendal Mint Cake.

Musically we’ve had plenty to contribute over the years, from The Beatles back in the 60s, right up to One Direction who are currently proving a hit on the other side of the Atlantic! My favourite British music includes McFly, The Blackout, Imelda May, and Enter Shikari.

Some of our most popular foods include the traditional fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, and the classic Victoria Sponge Cake.

What’s your favourite thing about Britain? I’d love to answer any of your questions so please feel free to pop on over to my blog!!

Jess at Just Jesss xo


I hope you guys enjoyed this lovely post by Jess! And if anyone ever wants to swap blogs for a post or two, just leave a comment or email me!



One thought on “Best of British – Great Big Blog Swap!

  1. Helen June 17, 2012 at 3:30 pm Reply

    Personally I can’t stomach Kendal Mint Cake, but I love pretty much everything else about Britain!
    Thanks for linking up Ladies.

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