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Life Lately {5}

I apologize for the crickets chirping over here recently. I didn’t plan on taking a lengthy break from blogging, but such it is when life gets crazy and in the way.



{1} You might remember about a month ago when I introduced our new little puppy Annabelle? About a week after we got her she had the most crazy intense seizure, and we ended up having to rush her to the emergency vet. And then she went to our local vet for the next 3 days. We weren’t sure what was happening, what had caused it, or what life was going to look like after. There was talk that she would possibly be blind, she might have mobility issues.

Well she did make it through, and has had a few minor seizures since then. No blindness or mobility issues, and overall, has been doing really well.

{2} I’ve been spending my weekends (when I usually spend time blogging) sewing reversible cowls and spending lots of time with my family.

{3} I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of direction I want to take this blog. It’s a general lifestyle blog, and since it’s my blog I feel like I should talk about what I want, even if that is multiple different things… but I can’t help but wonder if I should really focus on specific niches.

So there will be a few posts before now and the beginning of April, and then in April I will be back with a planned schedule and some ideas for this little home on the web of mine.



Life Lately {4}

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I re-pinned this image from Eileen a few weeks ago, and although I thought it was fun, I didn’t really think I was going to fall in love with the idea of doing an Art Journal Calendar. But I figured out that if I did this for the year, then at the end of the year when I want to do a review and look back over the year, I can just look through my little notebook and see all the good little things that happened… even if the things that happen this year are not big exciting things. And, I’ve stuck with it! I created my calendar and have been writing things in every day.

Around the same time, I actually de-activiated my facebook, and it’s been wonderful. I feel like I am getting so much more accomplished because I’m not spending my evenings just spending time doing nothing on facebook. I’ve been creating things, and getting things done for work. I’ve also been cooking and organizing around the house more.

New etsy shop item!

New etsy shop item!

I made myself a bracelet out of the rings I had around that I never wore, like my high school class ring that’s since gotten too small, and loved it so much that I went out and bought a whole bunch of rings that were on sale/clearance, and made a few to sell!

More paracord bracelets!

More paracord bracelets!

I also re-listed all of my expired paracord bracelets in my etsy shop, and added a few more. I let everything expire and moved things to storenvy… but I think I’m going to go back to etsy. Although there are fees, I would like to get more involved in the community that is over there, and I think at this point, it just makes sense for my store to be there.

So go and check it out! It’s updated with lots of fun goodies! To head over there, just click the image below!



Life Lately {3} & a heart to heart on blogging

I feel like I always have wonderful intentions in blogging and keeping up with it, and then life just gets in the way. I am swearing off “Black Friday” and the crazy over-consumption in our lives, and so I spent yesterday at home with family… as well as reading, and re-doing my blog! Check out the new look if you’re reading it in a feed reader… because I’m so so so happy with how it looks right now. I walked around my house calling it “Blog Friday” instead!

Also, my last post was my 100th post!! WHOOOOOHOOO! I feel like this calls for a celebration, maybe in the form of a giveaway.

Maybe my giveaway can be my mom’s book! She just was able to cross a huge item off her bucket list. She’s always wanted to publish a children’s book, and just a few weeks ago, it happened!

The Adventures of Charlie the Cat, available from the publisher and on Amazon!


I know that people are always talking about how you have to blog because you love it, and blog for yourself. I love blogging about what I love.. but I also love the comments I receive and knowing that other people are reading this blog. I know it’s important to put out original content, and I feel like I need to do more of that. I just feel like not many people read my blog, but I also know that I get kind of lazy when it comes to my blog… I don’t nearly put enough time and energy into making my posts and then posting them to social media to get more people to the blog to read.

I’m going to stop rambling. I’m just going to start doing. Start really putting myself out there. Being brave and vulnerable. Sharing my thoughts and opinions and this blog with as many people as I can.


Life Lately {2}

    1. I’m so sorry I’ve been a bad blogger. I really don’t have an excuse… I’ve been going to work and then coming home and just relaxing. And for the weekends, I’ve been doing more relaxing, spending time with my family. and then last weekend was super busy. Last Saturday I got my hair cut, went to a former co-worker’s baby shower, my dad came home from a month & a half long trip to Australia, and went to my work’s annual auction. It was a blast, and fun to hang out with the parents of my toddlers in my class outside of them dropping off and picking up their kids.
    2. Today I ran errands, like my usual Target run, when I saw a table in someone’s yard down the street with a free sign on it… well as soon as I got home, my mom and I jumped into my car and drove back and get it. I’m not going to lie, that was the first time I just grabbed a free item from someone’s curb. My mom and I managed to get it into my Toyota RAV4 (with the seats down) and I’m so super excited to fix it up a little and put it in my room. Though when we got it out of the car when we got home my dad asked if we wanted him to bring it to the dump!
    3. I have a whole list of ideas of blog posts to write… so hopefully I can get a bunch written and scheduled. I have some book reviews to write up. Naptime is the perfect time to get reading done! I also have to post about receiving my first Stitch Fix. I also got a few awesome items recently so I will have some good WIW posts. I also have a co-worker’s Halloween party to attend tonight, so I will have a good post about what I wore for Halloween!


Life Lately {1}

I apologize for how quiet it’s been around these parts. A few weeks ago, my dad left for a business trip, and right after he left, our internet started acting up. My dad’s probably the most technologically savvy person in our family, with me second, followed by my mom and sister. And without my dad around, and with me not having any idea on how to fix our internet problems, we were stuck kind of dealing with sometimes having internet, but most of the time, getting a lot of this:

Luckily, my dad came back a few days ago, and fixed our internet problems this weekend. My internet is now speedier than it was before! So hopefully, I won’t have to take any breaks that long for a long time.

I also gave my two weeks notice… about two weeks ago! I got offered a full time Assistant Toddler Teacher job. I start on Tuesday. So I had a busy last week at my current jobs… especially my afternoon job where many of our summer staff left to go back to college. On the weekends I’ve been getting ready for my new job. Oh, and we had a yard sale last weekend, so I was pretty busy with that on Saturday.

Also, this new blog is still a work in progress, so bear with me as I’m still working on the sidebar and organizing and planning weekly series(s).