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Coffee Date

If we were sitting down for coffee, I would hope that we would have had our coffee date before the “Nemo” storm hit, because I’d be worried about you being on the roads.

I’d tell you that I had a Snow Day yesterday, and spend most of it doing blog stuff. I’d tell you that I spent a good portion of today on my blog too. I’d tell you that I can’t really account for all that time spent since the layout looks the same and there isn’t a whole bunch of new content, but that I’ve been working on an editorial calendar and coming up with new post ideas, and that I’m really excited about this little space on the web.

I would tell you that even though I didn’t go to Alt Summit, I learned a whole lot, through ebooks from a few sessions, and recaps all over the internet. I’d tell you that it makes me even more determined to get there next year.

I would sit down with a Starbucks frapp if we were sitting down for coffee. I was worried about my budget and making it from last payday to next payday after paying my student loan bills… and I’d tell you that I somehow made it work, and I will have more than enough gas money to get me through the week… and to celebrate that little success, I’d spend the last $4ish dollars I have on a Starbucks card to reward myself.

I’d tell you that although the Barometric pressure must have been messing with the children in my class, I still love them just as dearly. We did some wonderful projects this week that came out so cute. A few of them were ideas that I brought in, and I’m happy with how well they worked with the little cuties I work with.

I’d probably make it a short coffee date this week. I’d tell you that I am hoping to make a vlog for a coffee date one of these weeks… who knows, maybe you can be on the lookout for it next week!


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Coffee Date + February Goals

If we sat down for coffee, I’d probably ask you how you are doing with your goals and resolutions for the year. I’d probably not be actually drinking coffee (since the caffeine gives me migraines) but drinking soymilk with coffee flavored syrup. I’d tell you that since starting to drink my little soymilk + coffee syrup concoctions, I’ve been going through soymilk like crazy.

Soymilk + coffee flavoring with a yummy pastry from the farmers market!

Soymilk + coffee flavoring with a yummy pastry from the farmers market!

I’d ask how things are going in your life. Things at work are going awesome, the kids in my class are doing really well with goals we’ve been setting about sitting on the potty. We are doing lots of fun art projects, and this weekend I get to make invites to our class Valentine’s day party.

I’d tell you that some of my goals/resolutions for the year are going better than others… but overall, that I’m very happy with how things are going!

image from the alt summit website.

image from the alt summit website.

I’d tell you that I’ve decided what I’m going to put the coins and change that I’m saving up towards. I’m going to try like heck to go to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City in January of next year. I always get jealous of all the pictures and info that comes out of Alt Summit each year. This year they even had a “beginner” track geared towards people like me with little blogs. I have a wonderful post planned for middle of next week about my savings jar.

I’d tell you that as far as my goals of getting more exercise hasn’t happened yet… but will be soon! I’d tell you about Derby Lite. It’s a roller skating fun + fitness class using some of the skills drills common in Roller Derby! I’m registered for a class that starts later this month not far from where I work, so I’m very excited.

I’d tell you that I’m doing well with saving my coins and such, and that I have re-opened my etsy shop… but my goal to curb my spending hasn’t been going that well. Between my Derby Lite stuff, and some stuff I bought at Target, budgeting hasn’t gone well… but I’m hoping to change that right around.

February Specific Goals

  • Have a blast at Derby Lite and meet new people!
  • Get my budget under control.
  • Enjoy all the fun and excitement going on at work and in my classroom.
  • Continue to be creative and work on knitting/making jewelry/ect.


Coffee Date & Week in Instagrams

Note: My life is now completely back to normal after my lovely vacation. I have a to-do list with a million things on it and no time to do them, clean laundry to put away in my room, and have had lots of baby drool on my shirts this week. Oh, and I am no longer completely jet-lagged. πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve enjoyed my Australia posts so far, and there are many more this month for you to enjoy!

If we were sitting down for coffee, I’d probably talk your ear off.. (which isn’t unusual).

I’d tell you that I was so excited to go back to work and see my kiddos. I’d also tell you that I wasn’t feeling well earlier in the week, and I was seriously hoping it was just jetlag and that I’d be over it in a few days, which turned out to be the case.

I’d tell you that between a full moon this week and 1 last day of school next week, I had some pretty crazy hyper school aged kids. Why they have to go back just Monday (and some only have a half a day) is just silly.Β  I’d also tell you that thanks to the end of the school year, I now have more hours than I have had in the past. Which leaves me with even less time to do the other things on my list.

I’d say that when I got home the other day to see my first letter from Geena, I was so excited! I’m super jealous that she has a typewriter and that she used it on my letter. I can’t wait to get to know her more! I’m thankful for Megan & Joelle for putting this together!

I’d tell you that I planned a pretty busy day for today (Saturday). I woke up early to go yardsailing with my friend Mike’s Aunt Liz, who I met through his wedding. I went back home, where I met up with my dad to go to the farmers market. After that, I left for a lunch date with my Aunt Julie, and then stopped by to visit my grandparents. After that, I went to Starbucks to have an actual coffee date with my friend Ruth.

It was lovely. Now I’m home, blogging, updating my planner, and about to watch the Belmont Stakes, though I’m bummed that I’ll Have Another was scratched from the race and that there will not be a triple crown winner.

I’d tell you that while at my grandparents house, I got to meet their new doggie for the first time! My grand-parents have never had pets before and more pictures and the story of my new friend Amos should have their own post, but here’s a little collage I put together on my phone!

I’d tell you that I’m looking forward to a fun, long, busy week.


How was your week? What are you up to for this upcoming week?

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Coffee Date: Taking a Break

If we were sitting down for coffee, I’d tell you about how refreshing it is to just take a little break.

I’d tell you that I LOVE my job. And I’m so thankful and blessed that I have two part time jobs that equal out to pretty much a full time job. I’d tell you that no amount of toddler meltdowns and wiping runny noses and millions of card games with my school age kids would ever make me think of doing any thing else.

And although I’ve really only been going full steam like this since January, I’d tell you that taking a little vacation does wonders for the soul.

I’d tell you that unplugging (for the most part) for two weeks, although weird to get used to, was glorious.

I would tell you that no matter what you do, or how much you love what you do, or even, how long you’ve been doing it, to try to take a small break and just spend some time with those you love. It’s a wonderful feeling. πŸ™‚


A Little Bit of Everything!

Hello friends! How are all of you doing? This is going to be a big mash up blog post with a whole bunch of things going on. First up… Insta-Friday/Week In Instagrams!










I was a little quite on the instagram front this week. | Debating what TOMS Shoes to buy. | Woke up to a friend in my bed! | Dice-K from the Red Sox playing in Maine today! | Organizing music.

And also, because I got some good pictures of my outfit today, I’m subjecting you to a post about my outfit & I’m going to link up to Wonder Forest and Dana’s Self Portrait Saturday. And because these pictures were taken outside, it spares you from seeing my awkward face sunburn. I wore a hat today, and had sunglasses on for a while, so yeah, my sunburn is weird.

jacket – Panache. grey top, jeans, and boots – target. Scarf – Grace and Lace.

& now, coffee date time!

If we sat down for coffee, I’d tell you that I still really love my jobs working with kids but I’m seriously exhausted every day. And I can’t believe the weekend is already half over.. I mean, I’ve barely even started getting things done that I didn’t get done during the week!

I love blogs, and the blog community, so I have 80-something blogs in my reader. I feel like I spend so much time on facebook and reading blogs during the week that I don’t get done the other things I want to do. That being said, I really love reading others blogs and seeing what they have to say!

I’d tell you that I really just need more hours in the day. I have a list of craft/DIY’s I want to try, including the ones in my last post. I have books I want to read. And I just got a phone call about some freelance work, and now I just have to make sure I have time to do it, if I decide I want to take that work on.

I also feel like I don’t really put a lot of time into this blog. I started it in October when I was unemployed, and I definitely have less time now. But this blog is my baby, and it will continue to be a priority for me!

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My week in Instagrams – Coffee Date!

















Charlie, sitting on top of Toby | Charlie on the hammock on the deck. | Flowers growing in the yard! | My never ending frustration with PayPal. | My favorite little chef | A gorgeous autism tattoo done by Chris @ Atlantic Studios (in Rockland, Maine). | My dad’s new tattoo!

If we sat down for coffee I’d tell you that it’s been a good week. I actually got Monday morning and Friday afternoon off, so it’s been a shorter week than usual, but felt just as long. And of course, even with the extra free time, I haven’t been more productive that I usually am either. Sunday was a blast as a bunch of girls that I’m going to be in a wedding with all got together, and I met some new friends. It was lovely.

Had a great work week with the kiddos I work with, it’s such a fun job. Though I did get a surprise on Friday when the number of kids was so low that they called to tell me I didn’t need to come in. I ended up going with my dad to get his first tattoo!

I’d tell you that having the extra time with my family and friends this week has been nice. I’d tell you that I’ve been seeing all kinds of blog posts and instagrams from people at SNAP conference. I’d love to go to a blog conference sometime! Maybe in 2013? I’d also tell you that I bought some shoes and stuff that I’ve been eying lately, but that most of the stuff I bought today was on sale, so that made me feel better.

Have you ever been to a blog conference? What have you been up to this week?

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coffee date & instagraming: april 14th

















Charlie opening his egg from the Easter Bunny. | Really enjoying his treats! | Coming in and cuddling when I’m waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. | Loving my job and the children I work with… seriously, can you have a bad day when you get a picture like that? | Doggie came to cuddle on the couch! | Getting sleepy! | And YAYY Target groceries!

If we sat down for coffee, I’d tell you what a long week it was! I’d probably get the largest coffee available! I had a wonderful Easter Sunday. I did church in the morning with my friend Ruth and her hubby, and friends of ours, Bethany and Rob. I hung out a bit after church and then went home to meet up with my mom, and head to my Aunt Belinda’s house for Easter Dinner! I’d tell you I was super impressed with my Aunt.. not only did she make sure there were goodies for her grandkids, but made sure all of us got some treat we liked (such as Smartfood popcorn for me) and she made little treats for the cats! It was so cute, and hilarious. Charlie sure enjoyed his treats!

I’d tell you that I had a long day due to staff meetings so I’ve been so tired this week. Luckily I love what I do… I just need a few good nights sleep to recharge!

I’d tell you I had an awesome day! I went to the farmer’s market this morning with my dad and Target this afternoon with my mom! I also paid all but one bill for the next 5 weeks, it’s a beautiful thing. πŸ™‚

I’d also tell you that I’ve been talking a lot with my dad about building a chicken coop! We had chickens back when I was in middle school, going into high school. We re-homed them when we moved, but now we are thinking of getting them again. The first order of business is checking with Town Hall about if we are allowed to have them. I’ll keep you all updated. We’ve also started talking about making a garden and growing some vegetables too. I’m thinking I’ll be outside a lot this spring/summer when I’m not at work!

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