Coffee Date

If we were sitting down for coffee, I would hope that we would have had our coffee date before the “Nemo” storm hit, because I’d be worried about you being on the roads.

I’d tell you that I had a Snow Day yesterday, and spend most of it doing blog stuff. I’d tell you that I spent a good portion of today on my blog too. I’d tell you that I can’t really account for all that time spent since the layout looks the same and there isn’t a whole bunch of new content, but that I’ve been working on an editorial calendar and coming up with new post ideas, and that I’m really excited about this little space on the web.

I would tell you that even though I didn’t go to Alt Summit, I learned a whole lot, through ebooks from a few sessions, and recaps all over the internet. I’d tell you that it makes me even more determined to get there next year.

I would sit down with a Starbucks frapp if we were sitting down for coffee. I was worried about my budget and making it from last payday to next payday after paying my student loan bills… and I’d tell you that I somehow made it work, and I will have more than enough gas money to get me through the week… and to celebrate that little success, I’d spend the last $4ish dollars I have on a Starbucks card to reward myself.

I’d tell you that although the Barometric pressure must have been messing with the children in my class, I still love them just as dearly. We did some wonderful projects this week that came out so cute. A few of them were ideas that I brought in, and I’m happy with how well they worked with the little cuties I work with.

I’d probably make it a short coffee date this week. I’d tell you that I am hoping to make a vlog for a coffee date one of these weeks… who knows, maybe you can be on the lookout for it next week!


I’m linking up with Alissa of Rags to Stitches for this coffee date. Go visit her and some of the other lovely people linking up too.

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