Life Lately {4}

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I re-pinned this image from Eileen a few weeks ago, and although I thought it was fun, I didn’t really think I was going to fall in love with the idea of doing an Art Journal Calendar. But I figured out that if I did this for the year, then at the end of the year when I want to do a review and look back over the year, I can just look through my little notebook and see all the good little things that happened… even if the things that happen this year are not big exciting things. And, I’ve stuck with it! I created my calendar and have been writing things in every day.

Around the same time, I actually de-activiated my facebook, and it’s been wonderful. I feel like I am getting so much more accomplished because I’m not spending my evenings just spending time doing nothing on facebook. I’ve been creating things, and getting things done for work. I’ve also been cooking and organizing around the house more.

New etsy shop item!

New etsy shop item!

I made myself a bracelet out of the rings I had around that I never wore, like my high school class ring that’s since gotten too small, and loved it so much that I went out and bought a whole bunch of rings that were on sale/clearance, and made a few to sell!

More paracord bracelets!

More paracord bracelets!

I also re-listed all of my expired paracord bracelets in my etsy shop, and added a few more. I let everything expire and moved things to storenvy… but I think I’m going to go back to etsy. Although there are fees, I would like to get more involved in the community that is over there, and I think at this point, it just makes sense for my store to be there.

So go and check it out! It’s updated with lots of fun goodies! To head over there, just click the image below!




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