Cara Box!

So, I kind of have a love for package swaps that all kinds of different bloggers host. In the past year of having this little blog, I’ve participated in Oh Hello Friend’s Lovely Package Exchange last December, Package Pals hosted by C.R.A.F.T in April, and then The Book Club Book Swap in September.

When I heard about the Cara Box exchage hosted by Kaitlyn of Wifessionals, I knew this something I wanted to do. So I signed up to participate in December and got paired up with Samantha, of Hooah and Hiccups. She’s super awesome and you should go visit her blog! I felt bad because her package ended up arriving late.

The interesting thing about this exchange is that it has a theme, and the theme for December was Holiday Sparkle. So not only was I picking out items for Samantha’s package that I hoped she’d like based off of her blog and what info I got through emailing her, I also wanted to make sure that it went with the theme. So Samantha, I’m so sorry it was late! I’m glad you liked everything though.

And another thing about this exchange is that the person who you send a package to is not the person who sends a package to you. Tara was who I got my package from!

Cara Box Swap

I got a wonderful card (you can see it in the bottom left picture, two different types of beads and some stringing for doing some lovely crafting. I also got some nail files, gorgeous blue nail polish, and (not pictured) sparkly lip gloss! I wish I had gotten a much better shot of it, but I should probably learn that taking pictures on the kitchen counter top with the kitchen lights shining is not the best idea.

Bad pictures aside, thank you so much Tara for my lovely package! I can’t wait to use all of these fun goodies!



One thought on “Cara Box!

  1. Kaitlyn December 30, 2012 at 4:31 pm Reply

    I’m glad you enjoyed the swap!

    I love samantha – she’s like my bff (:

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