10 Things (Around the Web) on Tuesday: 11


  1. Tam was talking about a delicious latte her husband created before we had November’s Blog Brunch, and had so many other bloggers interested in the recipe that she posted it to her blog. I want to try the Harvest Pear Latte, but I would need to learn how to make espresso first!
  2. I love Daryl’s Busy Girl’s Guide to Self Care. Stretching, drinking water or tea, and eating healthy snacks? And taking vitamins. Seems painfully obvious, but still things I need to work on.
  3. I’m probably bordering on crazy cat lady-ness… considering my love for cats and wanting to adopt more, and owning a shirt with a cat pattern on it.. but now I want to make this sweater with cat elbow patches like Kate did!
  4. Ashley from The Shine Project always writes inspiring posts… and her recent post about 6 Thoughts You Should Have by Noon is no exception.
  5. I just found Jensie’s blog.. and not only is it cute and adorable (which make since once you see some of the work she’s done) but I love this post where she took her planner from overloaded to energized with washi tapes! I love that you could use different colored washi tapes for different projects, and even just take the washi tape off once you’re done with something! I’ve been planner-less for a while (since I had a 2011-2012 one that ended this summer, and the one I picked up at Target I didn’t realize started in January) so I could totally see myself utilizing this for the upcoming year!
  6. Liz Pride, a former Mainer, recently launched a tumblr blog called “Your LL Bean Boyfriend” that is getting massive traffic.. and for good reason. It’s hilarious and awesome! I hope you don’t have to be a Mainer to enjoy it.
  7. This Popsicle Stick vase might be a DIY for the spring, when all the pretty flowers are in bloom… or when fake ones are more prevalent!
  8. I just learned about the website craftsy.com. I’m in love. Online classes and workshops on different things from jewelry making to holiday themed classes and paper crafts? It sounds so fun!
  9. It still hasn’t really snowed a whole lot or gotten too, too cold… but I’m loving Mk’s recipes for Hot Cocoa… 4 ways! Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa sounds super yummy.
  10. {av} of long distance loving wrote this post about snoods. I’ve always just called infinity scarves, well, infinity scarves! Snood reminds me of the like 90’s computer game. But no matter what you call ’em, they are cute. And I love how she used presented them!

Hmm. This might be one of my favorite 10 Things on Tuesday. I hope you like it too!



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