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Misc. Collage

I hope that ya’ll have been enjoying these posts this week as much as I enjoyed putting them together. I feel like I put a lot of work and effort into this week and I feel good about how the collages came out. I guess I just need to feel like I’m blogging with a purpose! And not just blogging to blog (if that makes any sense).

So here are the last few items I’m lusting over… and I didn’t really feel like they fit into any other collage this week. So here are a few misc. items!

  1. Cat Silhouette Elastic Bookmark by BlueEyedNightOwl
  2. Pass it Forward cards by The Shine Project
  3. Get Clean! No Foam Shampoo by Original Moxie
  4. Straight Up Sleek Control by Original Moxie
  5. Featherweight Conditioner by Original Moxie
  6. The 2013 Money Planner by Palmers Planners
  7. Ampersand Bookmark by BlueEyedNightOwl

I don’t remember the blog I was reading where the blogger was reviewing Original Moxie products… but ever since, I’ve been wanting to try them out. And the items I listed above come in little trial sizes, so I can try them out before I commit to buying a huge bottle, how awesome is that?

And Laura, of BlueEyedNightOwl, is so creative. How cute are those bookmarks? Even if I wanted to, I probably could not come up with a bookmark that cute.

Have you ever tried products from Original Moxie? What do you use for bookmarks? Have you been enjoying these posts this week?



One thought on “wishing for: misc.

  1. Blue Eyed Night Owl December 15, 2012 at 5:08 pm Reply

    Thank you! And it is a very nice collage:)

    And I’m glad to see you’re into natural products as well. I haven’t used that brand(and doubt I can get it here), but I did just order some other stuff today that is 100% natural. The more I read about those mainstream chemical ingredients the less I want to use them… Besides the natural stuff smells so much better anyway<3

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