10 Things (Around the Web) on Tuesday: 10

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! For those followers who are new around these parts, I basically curate a list of 10 lovely things around the internet that I’ve been loving lately All links open in a new window!

This is a Holiday themed list! Enjoy!

  1. I took an alt class with Melanie of you are my fave, and I’ve been reading her blog since. This holiday shadowbox is so cute! And the best part is I could totally see you changing out for different holidays and seasons. Confetti and pictures for a birthday, paper hearts for valentines day?
  2. I’ve seen a ton of awesome advent calendars, especially some cute ones geared towards children. But I think one of my favorites would be this cute Tea Advent Calendar! The website is in French, but the packaging? The cute little tea bags? Awesome!
  3. Also, this Christmas tree bokah looks amazing. I’m curious to see if it would work with my little point and shoot digital.
  4. My co-teacher/cousin is obsessed at the moment with shrinky dinks… and we all made some shrinky dink ornaments. I’m thinking next Christmas, we take it a bit further and make this time capsule shrinky dink ornament.
  5. I’m trying to be more “green” in my Christmas packaging… I covered my mom’s present in an old paper bag. I’m making little present boxes for some of the small jewelry type items for some of the people on my list. I think these bows made out of old shopping bags are adorable!
  6. Nicole did this awesome post about a recycled paper bunting… which I’m thinking would also be cute if you were to go and get some pictures printed and used pictures to make it more personal!
  7. I love this collection of wood gift tags by oh, hello friend.
  8. Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel made the most adorable Santa & Reindeer Garland. I’m thinking it would be cute to print out the templates and maybe take it into work and let my toddlers scribble and color on the reindeer… and hang it in our classroom! I’ll have to post pictures… we created a mantle, Menorah, and Christmas Tree in the past few weeks, complete with Christmas Lights and ornaments!
  9. We do a Secret Santa where I work every year. I’m pretty excited and have either created/bought and planned out what I’m doing for this year. But next year I could make one of these Let It Snow Treat Jars.
  10. I’ve already planned a little gift for each of my kiddos in my class this year, but I’m thinking for next year that these little Personalized Wall Letters would be cute. I love the name on top of the initial. So cute!

I’ll be sure to post if I make any of the fun DIY’s above. I’ll also make sure to take some great pictures of my classroom to post. And I’ll be sure to take pictures and post a tutorial about how I made my little present boxes.



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