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Accessories Collage

Hello. My name is Monique… and I have a major problem when it comes to accessories. I can’t help myself! I’ve been called the “Bag Lady” in my family for quite a while… and although I have a ton of jewelry on top of my dresser (and tend to wear the same few pieces over and over) this is a collage of some of the accessories I’m lusting over this holiday season!

  1. Love Knot – Black from JustLove.ly
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Headband from JustLove.ly
  3. The Forever Bracelet by Threads // The Shine Project
  4. The Vermont 802 Pendant by Carved Solutions
  5. Harmony – Empowerment Bracelet by Happy Piece
  6. Happiness – Empowerment Bracelet by Happy Piece
  7. Custom Locket by Origami Owl
  8. Classic Pendant by The Giving Keys
  9. Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves by Fournier
  10. Blush Fairisle Wool Glittens by World Market (Obviously either 9 or 10 would be fun, and having both would be overkill, but I got a pair of fingerless gloves at Target and the quality is just not amazing.)
  11. Feleku Scarf from ONE and Fashionable
  12. Moving Dial Heart Watch from ASOS
  13. The Abby Tote from V & Co.
  14. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink tote from Seeker of Happiness
  15. Rain Shoulder Bag from Mochi Things
  16. My Best Friend Note Pouch from Mochi Things

Loving these fun accessories! Hmm.. I’ve never given my parents the link to my blog, so they’ve never read it… think I should share this with them now?

Hopefully you find some inspiration there for a fellow jewelry collector or bag lady in your life!


Also, I doubt any of the people/businesses/crafters above know who I am. I’m just sharing some of my things I’d like to have under my tree.


One thought on “wishing for: accessories

  1. melinda December 11, 2012 at 10:48 pm Reply

    I love the Vermont pendant!

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