December Goals

  1. Drink More Water. {anyone who knows me knows I don’t like the taste of water and therefore don’t drink as much water as I should. So I’m trying to drink the amount of water my toddlers drink each day while I’m at work.. since I’m a grownup, and I should be a better role model of drinking healthy drinks!}
  2. Blog 21 times! {I know if I plan and schedule them over the weekend I am sure I can meet this goal! But we will see. Some months I’m way better at blogging than others.
  3. Do dinner/lunch/coffee with friends at least once a week. {I need to be better at socializing on the weekends! I usually spend most of my weekends relaxing. (Which isn’t a bad thing.)}
  4. Read 2 Books. {I should be able to do this during naptime for the kids I work with… I have a huge to-read list, so I’m sure this won’t be difficult!}
  5. Complete at least two of the DIY/Craft projects on my to-make list. {I want to make a glittery starbucks tumbler, and maybe I’ll make some sort of jewelry!}
  6. Email someone I admire once a week. {I need to work on making those connections with other bloggers I admire!}



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