November Goals

  1. Drink water every day. {anyone who knows me knows I don’t like the taste of water and therefore don’t drink as much water as I should. So I’m trying to drink the amount of water my toddlers drink each day while I’m at work.. since I’m a grownup, and I should be a better role model of drinking healthy drinks!}
  2. Blog 45 times. {I’m sure this is a lofty goal. But between 30 days of posting what I’m thankful for, I should be able to also post 15 other times about other things!}
  3. Buy half of the Christmas presents I need to buy. {So I can spread out how much money I’m spending and not buy everything at once.}
  4. Do at least 2 projects from my DIY bookmark folder.
  5. Start on my new desk project.



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