Life Lately {2}

    1. I’m so sorry I’ve been a bad blogger. I really don’t have an excuse… I’ve been going to work and then coming home and just relaxing. And for the weekends, I’ve been doing more relaxing, spending time with my family. and then last weekend was super busy. Last Saturday I got my hair cut, went to a former co-worker’s baby shower, my dad came home from a month & a half long trip to Australia, and went to my work’s annual auction. It was a blast, and fun to hang out with the parents of my toddlers in my class outside of them dropping off and picking up their kids.
    2. Today I ran errands, like my usual Target run, when I saw a table in someone’s yard down the street with a free sign on it… well as soon as I got home, my mom and I jumped into my car and drove back and get it. I’m not going to lie, that was the first time I just grabbed a free item from someone’s curb. My mom and I managed to get it into my Toyota RAV4 (with the seats down) and I’m so super excited to fix it up a little and put it in my room. Though when we got it out of the car when we got home my dad asked if we wanted him to bring it to the dump!
    3. I have a whole list of ideas of blog posts to write… so hopefully I can get a bunch written and scheduled. I have some book reviews to write up. Naptime is the perfect time to get reading done! I also have to post about receiving my first Stitch Fix. I also got a few awesome items recently so I will have some good WIW posts. I also have a co-worker’s Halloween party to attend tonight, so I will have a good post about what I wore for Halloween!



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