10 Things (Around the Web) on Tuesday: 7

Here’s another installment of my Tuesday series!

  1. I love this post about blogging tips. Isn’t Kitty’s blog adorable? I love her cats and the fact that she is from Sydney! And here are some great advertising blog tips!
  2. Tami makes these adorable sloths! I want one.
  3. I’m getting into the spirit of the Olympic games! I love this necklace (that I want to make for myself) and I love these coloring sheets (I’d love to take into work and use with “my” kids.)
  4. Speaking of my kids I work with… I love these Popsicle bookmarks! One of our local banks has a summer reading program where kids can earn money by reading a certain number of books, and we are located very close to the library. I think it would be great to get the kids into reading with a combination of all of those things! I also bet this book would be great for use with the kids. It seems like a great book about crafting with kids!
  5. I’m pretty sure that Charlie would be happy as a clam in mud if I made him these tuna frozen cat treats. It’s been humid here lately. I will have to make him some ASAP!
  6. Oh, going back to the kids I work with… (yeah, I love my kids, that are not really mine, but whatever) I love these 4th of July pops! We actually cook/make healthy food with them for snack once a week, and I’m betting these would be a huge hit!
  7. Oh, I also want to make a bunch of these shoe tie practice boards for them since we have a whole bunch that don’t know how to tie their shoes.
  8. I’m not sure about Potato Chip Brownies but they do kinda look good! They could be a totally unhealthy desert after a delicious and more healthy blueberry pizza! And a Lemon Shake Up for a beverage!
  9. I also want to make these awesome things. Cute embroidered bobby pins and some cute bracelets! (Just a heads up, the bracelet tutorial is in Dutch.)
  10. Eventually sometime when I’m not broke, I want to go to a blog conference. (I know I talk about this a lot.) I’m super jealous of the people that were just at Haven! Chelsea did her first vlog and talked about Haven.. Super jealous!



One thought on “10 Things (Around the Web) on Tuesday: 7

  1. masulinka July 10, 2012 at 5:43 am Reply

    great links! thank you for sharing. :=)

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