I heart my family. Come meet them!

Today, we’re talking family.

Mainly, my immediate family. I thought I’d introduce you to them.

Yesterday, my baby sis graduated from college. My parents celebrated 28 years of being married. Today is Mother’s Day, and tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. So what a perfect time to chat about my awesome family!

My mom is Pam. She’s the apple tree to my apples. I have the same curly hair and a lot of the same mannerisms. Sometimes she drives me crazy, especially when she’s mumbling, but I don’t know what I’d do without her. So happy mothers day/anniversary/birthday Mommy!

My dad is Rick. Poor guy has lived in this crazy house of girls. He and my sister always got along really well when we were growing up. But he has definitely written some pretty sweet letters to me in the past few years (when I went to college) and I know that he cares and that he’s proud of me. I’m lucky to have such a great guy for my dad!

Michelle is my little sister, though she’s not so little. Although I’m older, she’s not too much younger than me (2 years). We’ve worked together, played on the same sports teams, attended the same schools. It wasn’t until I left and headed out of state for college and we weren’t around each other all the time that we really got a lot closer. Congrats on your college graduation Meash, I’m so proud of you!

Also, don’t ask me why I’m not looking at the camera in this picture from my graduation last year, while my sister and dad are looking at the camera!



One thought on “I heart my family. Come meet them!

  1. Megan May 14, 2012 at 12:15 pm Reply

    Aw, this is sweet 🙂 I feel the same way about my mom – even when she’s doing something that annoys me I can’t help but love her for it! You and your sister look alike – I can see the resemblance in your smiles.

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